Personal Project

We design a menstrual thoughts tracker for women who experience overwhelming habits and pain during their menstrual cycles. This is a personal project for anyone who desires to prioritize their mental health and seek relief from pain during their menstrual cycles.

The objective of this project was to develop a notebook and a social media campaign, evoking feelings of tranquility and empowerment. The design should encapsulate elements of rest, resilience, and rejuvenation, maintaining a balanced and professional aesthetic that meets marketing and advertising standards. Incorporating simple doodles and handwritten messages of reassurance adds a personal touch, ensuring the tone is motivational, and amusing.
Applications: Graphic Design, print material design and social media content. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Canva (Videos and GIFs)

Purpose: Self-promotion, there are no specific client objectives; Filling my portfolio, and narrating my journey through graphic design, allowing others to see beyond my role as a designer.

All data entry is a simple way to write down and track emotions. One special thing to look at is the moon phase. This is a basic way to compare different months and find patterns that repeat. This could lead to more work in design programming. Also, this project is open to working with an expert on the topic. :)

📔🖌️ Red Diary is not just a collection of beautiful designs; it is a manifestation of a deeply personal journey. After enduring years of physical pain and observing my mother's challenges during menopause, my determination was further strengthened.

💕✨The personal project’s mission is to ensure that no woman feels vulnerable, but rather an integral part of a natural and powerful process. I truly believe that once women comprehend this, they will treat themselves with kindness and embrace the beautiful transformations they go through.

The designs should evoke a sense of serenity and empowerment. The Imagery used should be our own property content and capture the essence of strength, and rejuvenation.

Some of the elements represent the experiences and emotions lived by women, without passing judgment or imposing order but rather embracing the body's natural processes.

The Asymmetric Imperfect Nipples: Nipples, often represented as perfect and symmetrical in conventional designs, are here celebrated in their unique imperfection and asymmetry. This is a nod to the inherent uniqueness and beauty of every woman's body, breaking away from the conventional and embracing the authentic.

The Drastic Changes Between Blank Spaces and Dense Graphics: This element represents mood swings, a common occurrence in women's experiences. The stark contrast between areas of white space and dense graphics visualizes these emotional flows, signifying the inherent variability of mood states and the impact they can have on one's perspective.

In this way, the design becomes a reflection of the complexities, the dynamism, and the beautiful diversity of women's experiences.

The graphic design adaptations for social media campaigns were constructed from the initial concept strategy, and finally to the exporting of artwork in various dimensions to seamlessly fit the Instagram feed, maintaining the integrity of the original vertical version.

1️⃣ Growth: This content is centered on the target audience, employing bold, black headings and inspiring quotes to stimulate introspection about hormonal behaviors. The project incorporates lifestyle inspirations, encouraging the audience to adopt new and positive thought patterns.

2️⃣ Conversion: The project introduces a journal, available in both digital and print formats. Posts associated with this project should emphasize the product's details and benefits offered to the audience, leveraging calls to action within the copy for engagement.

3️⃣ Retention: Highlight the journey, core values, and/or founders. Use this opportunity to narrate your personal story, ensuring it always connects back to your product or service.

🌈 Red Diary is the culmination of my passion for graphic design and my unwavering dedication to turning emotions into graphic design. 🎉 💼

This project was inspired by my personal experience and the book called "Red Moon" by Miranda Gray.

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