Tranki 🧘🏻‍♀️
Personal Project

A app design prototype with the objective to remedy anxiety and stress states of a target audience that carries many responsibilities with consequences of frustration and unprecedented emotional lack of control. Emotional states affect the physical, emotional and mental well-being of users. At this time, the aim is to solve a problem with tools and guides that facilitate better well-being.
The research was done with other online platforms on the market that offer support tools to control anxiety. Skills learned from the master will be applied in order to create a new mobile application that positively connects with users. The exercises are relaxation practices that offer guided meditations with different specialized branches under each health and therapy professional, we collaborated with a doctor in psychology within the field of hypnotherapy for the development of relaxing material for the problem.
This project acquired the necessary learning to open doors to other design projects within the professional career. Specifically in acquiring more experience within the branch of user experience design. It was investigated on other online platforms on the market, some values ​​and benefits were applied in the app designed to highlight some fields that can be deepened with other relaxation techniques such as hypnotherapy. Everything learned in the design master and professional graphic design experience was applied. This project received feedback from participants and collaborators that helped improve each stage of the prototype flow. In this way, he came to optimize logistics functions such as history and its data visualizations.
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